Sepp Galloper

“Beautiful and honest stallion from our own breeding line”

Name Sepp Galloper
Date of birth 03-04-2021
Age 3 years
Gender Stallion
Height at Withers +/- 164
Performance and Sports B Dressage


Let us introduce Sepp Galloper, a 3 year old stallion, from the combination Willem 508 x Madame Boszorg. Sepp is a very nice stallion to have in the stables, always asking for attention and definitley a pretty addidtion to any yard. Under the saddle Sepp shows many promising qualities. He has been selected to show these qualities during the ABFP test in April 2024. A beautiful and sweet stallion from our own breeding line! X-rays clean and sound.

Family pedigree

Hette 481
William 505
Tjalleke L ( star )
Sepp Galloper
Brandus 345
Madame Boszorg ( star )
Micha Boszorg ( star )